Kennel Tibetan Terrier '' Of Kari Tibetian Shine ''

Tibetan Terrier is the dog of dream.He is kind, love people and playing.He is very atractive with long coat.Tibetan terriers is just like children, they never will grow up,they have big heart with many goodness.


of Kari Tibetian Shine

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Tibetan Terrier

tibetan terrier and baby 

About as


My life of Tibetan Terriers started in 2009. Before that I did not even know this breed. I once saw a beautyful Tibetan Terrier, and of course I fell in love with him.

 I started searching for this breed, and I buyed my first Tibetan Terrier female,  named Luludhi, from Hungary, from a kennel Rozsdas Halsz. We was going on dog shows, and won the good results.

Then I realized that I wanted to deal with the dogs. For a short time, another female Miu Miu came from the same kennel. A little later I bought the male Earl from Czechia from the kennel of Darkness.

My family love these wonderful creatures. They are a part of our life, as well as their hair. Who ever can not do this, he does not even come to us. Without them, life would be empty and boring. They are full of  emotion, energetic and playful dogs.


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Mai: 12
Tegnapi: 11
Heti: 120
Havi: 221
Össz.: 22 676

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Oldal: Tibetan Terrier
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